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Akoli Penoukou

Lomé, TOGO (West Africa)

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I was born on May 6, 1953 to Togolese immigrants who had left their native land for the Gold Coast (which became Ghana on attaining independence on March 6, 1957) which, as the name connotes, is a rich land. My father worked as carpenter with the United Africa Company (U.A.C.), a British firm. My mother was a housewife only in the sense that she didn’t work in the classic meaning of the word. My mother cooked and sold food she hawked on her head from house to house. In that sense, she toiled harder than a female office, factory or outdoor worker.

I grew up at Bompata in Kumasi in a neighbourhood where northern Ghanaians and West African immigrants lived together, enabling us to speak three African languages: Twi, Fante and Hausa. Our parents, like many non-native dwellers, raised us in the Ge-Mina-Ewe language, so all their kids spoke four African languages.
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  • Work
    • Teacher, Writer, Blogger and Translator and Trader
  • Education
    • Postgraduate diploma in writing Master's degree in Sociology