Alexandros B. Koronakis

media, Political strategy, and News in Brussels, Belgium

Alexandros B. Koronakis

media, Political strategy, and News in Brussels, Belgium

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Alexandros Koronakis is the Editor and CEO of New Europe newspaper, Vice President of the Association of European Journalists of Belgium, and Member of the Board of the Brussels Press Club.

Outside of these roles, Alexandros also advises political leaders on campaign strategy and speech writing, and provides consulting services to governmental, commercial, and civil society bodies on media management, digital development, and political strategy.

Alexandros holds an MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from University College London, and an MA in Political Strategy and Communication from the University of Kent. He earned a BA in Communications from Vesalius College.

Since 2001, Alexandros has been an accredited journalist to the EU Institutions.

In April 2017, he was elected Vice-President of the Association of European Journalists in Belgium by the General Assembly for a two-year term.

Sample of latest speaking engagements:

22/03/2018 'Fake news and rebuilding trust in the media' - Brussels Summit, A Future for Europe. (Steigenberger, Brussels)

19/03/2018 'Evolution and Disruption in European Financial Regulation' - NE.Events (Press Club, Brussels)

14/03/2018 'The Future of Europe, Greece, and the Eurozone' - Political Academy, (Wilfriend Martens Centre for European Studies, Brussels, Belgium)

03/07/2017 'The EU through a media lens' - Lecture at The Institute for European Studies & Diplomatic Academy of Vienna Summer School on EU Policy Making (Brussels, Belgium)

26/06/2017 'Energy Driven Job Creation', Opening (Brussels, Belgium)

06/06/2017 'The Blockchain Era', Opening & Moderator (Brussels, Belgium)

10/05/17 ‘European Sci-Tech Challenge Final’, Moderator (Brussels, Belgium)

27/03/17 'Midstream challenges in the East Med', Chair (Energy Round Table, Brussels, Belgium)

24/10/16 'On Air with Shashi Tharoor', Panelist, (Pr

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