Alexandros B. Koronakis

media, Political strategy, and News in Brussels, Belgium

Alexandros B. Koronakis

media, Political strategy, and News in Brussels, Belgium

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Alexandros Koronakis is the Editor and CEO of New Europe, leading both the editorial and overseeing the development of the newspaper.

Outside of New Europe, Alexandros also advises political leaders on campaign strategy and speech writing, and provides consulting services to governmental, commercial, and civil society bodies on media management, digital development, and political strategy.

Alexandros holds an MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from University College London, and an MA in Political Strategy and Communication from the University of Kent. He earned a BA in Communications from Vesalius College - Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Alexandros is accredited to the EU Institutions and is a member of the Brussels Press Club, the International Press Association (API) and the Online News Association (ONA).

Latest Speaking Engagements & High-Level Interviews:

28/02/17 Interview with FCC Chair Ajit Pai (MWC, Barcelona)

13/11/16 Interview with European Commissioner Julian King (Berlaymont, Belgium)

24/10/16 'On Air with Shashi Tharoor', Panelist, (Project Syndicate, London)

19/10/16 'Leaders-for-a-day', Leader, (JA Europe - Brussels)

12/07/16 'Transatlantic Internet Regulation in the 21st Century', Panelist, (Transatlantic Youth Summit, Washington DC)

29/05/16 Interview with EPP Secretary General, Antonio López-Istúriz White

26/05/16 'Energy Roundtable: The role of Europe's Southeastern periphery in Energy Security', (Opening Panel)

26/01/15 'Safe Harbour 2.0: Privacy, Data Protection, Transnational Data Flows', Chair (Tech Talks, Eno Atelier)

30/11/15 'We need to talk about fraud!, Panelist, (OLAF training seminar, Luxembourg)

15/10/15 'Startups: Learning from Blacklane' Chair, (Tech Talks, Eno Atelier)

14/10/15 'Digital Single Market Summit' Chair, (New Direction - Residence Palace)

14/10/15 'Leaders-for-a-day', Leader, (JA Europe - Brussels)

17/09/15 'European Unicorns, Do They Have Legs?' Chair, (Tech Talks, Eno Atelier)

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