Kim Minseok


EXO K leader and daddy

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- I belong just to Do Kyungsoo .-.-.-.-.-.-.-

You're the one that I love, my all, my reason to smile, since I met you, my life has been so happy, you always make me smile, you always listen to me, you're always there for me, you told me I'm an angel, but the real angel here is you, my beautiful husband, I love you, ten milky ways go and back

[22|05] I meet You

[24|05] I confess You

[31|05] I Love You

[24|10] Forever by your side

I have a big and beautiful family, my children that I love with all my heart♥:


I have 3 beautiful and amazing babies, my first one Yoon Soo, my first beautiful lady, then my three angels HyeSoo, MyunSoo & JoonMyun, my new three reasons to smile

Omma: @_xSoyeon

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