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Andrew Kraly

My name is Andrew Kraly and I am currently a student at the Ohio State University.

My top 5 StrengthQuest strengths are: consistency, adaptability, includer, achiever, and responsibility. My top strength is responsibility. To me responsibility means I am able to take care of myself, others around me and am confidently independent. I chose this as my top strength for many reasons. One main reason being my diagnosis of juvenile diabetes when I was 4 years old. Living with this disease for the past 15 years has taught me how to be extremely responsible. Everyday I must correctly count every carbohydrate that enters my body and determine the correct amount of insulin to counteract those carbohydrate. These daily tasks alone require a large amount of responsibility. On top of that, this first year of college living away from home has been also been very challenging with diabetes.

My favorite OSU tradition is without a doubt the mirror lake jump. This tradition is said to bring good luck to the football team for the Xichigan game during the following weekend. Usually the last night before Thanksgiving break, the student body jumps in mirror lake which is located right off of Neil Ave. This year was the second year i participated in this amazing tradition and I learned that shoes are a must especially with cuts on your feet already! Next year I will definitely be prepared.

Another assignment that was very helpful to me was the "A Letter to Myself" assignment. This assignment was about the journey to the Ohio State University, what i expected during my time here and my plans after I leave. Looking back from the first week here and realizing how much I personally have changed. My eyes have been opened to the realities of college and of life that I never truly understood prior to attending this wonderful University. I will use the idea of keeping an open mind and setting goals for the rest of my time at OSU and throughout my entire life.