Akram Pasha


Akram Pasha


A Short Description About Me:


Big fan of SRK....

I love to love others.

Very funny


Some like me while some not....i dont really care about what others think about me

I like to love the present....forget the past....never plan for the future....

People think i dont talk much.....once they know me they would regret not knowing me much earlier.....

A Pure Non Vegetarian.(I dont care which came first.Egg or the Chicken!!)

Love to drink...............COKE (what do u think!!!!...bad people)....my day starts with it and ends with it too:)

Hang out with me i will show u "What's Life".

I dream to become like Y S JAGAN

I believe in the below lines

"The only way to have a friend is to be one."

"i don't care how many bf's you have had.
and how many times you've said ILOVEYOU.
all i care is not to be the FIRST.
but to be your LAST."

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    • Software Engg at PayPal
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    • Computer Science Engineering