Alex Krasowski

Student in Ontario, Canada

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Greetings to those who stumble upon this page,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alex and I am currently a post-secondary student studying arts and business and am passionate about artistic topics such as film, television, music, and visual arts. I have always been a fanatic of the arts and engage with them in one way or the other everyday. As a person who likes to express himself visually, media and arts has always been my thing, especially through the lens film. As a child growing up, I’ve always been interested in film and fascinated by its many elements including acting, set design, special effects, cinematography, sound design, screenwriting etc. In my pre-teen to early teenage years is where I started to experiment with the art of film myself, producing low-budget, mainly stop-motion animation projects, and plenty of screenwriting. Filmmaking captured my interests from an early age and has always stuck with me and still sticks with me to this very day, which is why I intend to study the subject in more detail at school. The future is unpredictable, of course, and it is difficult to render a fixed idea of what to do as a career, but I hope to someday work in a field or have a job that deals with film in someway. Movie making in general is a subject of great interest that I intend to capitalize on and open myself to new learning experiences within the field so that I can broaden my horizons on the artistic elements and processes of filmmaking.