Prof. A.K. Rathod Hypnotherapist

Ibd Indus Satellite , Indore, India

Since 1970 Prof. A.K. Rathod is working on Hypnosis, Parapsychology and Mind Programming

*Psychic Researcher 1973.
* Member Indian Society for Psychical Research 1975,
* Founder: Psycho Spiritual Society India 1976.
* Demonstrator in Occult Power of Subconscious Mind 1978,
*Mental Motivator 1980,
*Mind Programmer 1985

*Member: Hypnothoughts,

* Member: NGH,

Member Hypnosens,

Member Linkedin

Founder / Owner of Hypnotherapist directory

Contact for : Self transformation

Be the person you always wanted to be.

Improve your memory power, Will Power Self confidence

Remove bad habits, alcoholism, smoking, over eating

Be slim, fit and fine , active smart alert.

Learn self hypnosis for self improvement.

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