Afroditi Kravari

Afroditi Kravari

I live from passion. From Intense moments.

I'm life. Dangerously unpredictable.

A trusted person. A sexy laugh.

I love Cars, Photography, Travel, My Tech Gadgets, Speed, Sea, Dance & High Heels.

I feel, I give, I dream, I travel.

I'm unusual, different, difficult & unique.

I Hate Lies, so-called guys, excuses & Lies! [Did I mention it Again? :-P]

I'm a Foreign Languages Professor who loves teaching..In fact, I've a true connection with kids of every age :-)

I'm an E-learning web 2.0 specialist who Loves Instructional Design, Mind-maps & Concept Maps, Web Design, Podcasts & Video producing.

Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Philosophy & a Master degree in Digital Systems, i decided to go further in Communication 2nd Master in Communication was more than related to my job which...obviously i Love.

No matter where I've been, i'm dedicated to making sure each and every piece stands out from the crowd.

I've great communication skills, I'm good in PR & I enjoy travelling. I Love Mind Games.

I take risks. I learn from failure.

I live out from comfort zones.

I live the moment...i capture them with my camera.

I Like to Chat, Drive, Play backgammon, Stare the Sea & Challenge.

I'm a Digital Content Strategist -expert in Social world-, who Loves anything Different & Innovative, anything that Disrupts norms & seems to be unusual to this f***ing Visual World! I make alternative Presentations, i do WOMM, i test Ideas & i Design.

In fact..., i'm born a writer. I need a pen or/and a keyboard and much inspiration to make miracles happen. Maybe this is my future job. I'm working on it..

If nothing from above will not work for me, #tha_ta_paratisw_ola_kai_tha_ginw_prigipissa or #o_megalos_erotas_sou :)

(#I will be a princess or #the Love of your life)