Ayob Krema

Tripoli, Libya

I always tell myself "don't worry... be happy ...everything is gonna be alright. I don’t care what other people think about me, I am confidant and I don’t give a damn. I love Islam and I am proud to be Muslim الحمد لله. I don’t like to be an ordinary person, I like to be different and do things different ,I always aim for the best and leave the rest, I always wanna do better and be better. Religious, family are my top priority then come friends then comes my 4 quadrant of life: E: education C: carrier B: Business M: marriage Once you know me I will explain to you. one last thing “ no one can take my smile away from me “ :)

  • Work
    • Libyan Qatari Bank
  • Education
    • shahed abdalsalam
    • CFA Malaysia
    • ورشة عمل ومؤتمر الصيرفة الاسلامية
    • British Council Malaysia
    • ELS Educational Services, Inc.