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Akron, OH

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I started Akron Dads as a way to bring together useful and informative articles, ideas for activites, information about upcoming events, product reviews, and encourage discussion amongst dads in northeast Ohio.

I am a new dad and I am learnng everything as I go along. In all of my internet searches, I have found there to be an abundance of blogs and websites devoted to moms, and a lot of blogs on which dads share their personal experiences. I wanted to bring the best of both worlds to one place, and that's how Akron Dads came into existence. I encouage my readers and followers to submit their own stories, information, and tips!

We will be discussing family-friendly things to do around the Akron/NEOH area, thoughts and feelings on being a dad, raising awareness of topics and other things of interest to dads, providing reviews of "dad" products, and providing a network of like-minded dads to share with. We're going beyond the typical parenting blog and we will be talking about things like grilling, fishing, how to get your kids signed up for the soap box derby and much much more!

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