Anne Krystle Mariposa

aKryz, short for Anne Krystle C. Mariposa:

Daughter of the King of Kings (Born again Christian)

My God-given purpose in life:

To lead a God-centered fashion business that strives for excellence and efficiency while maintaining a harmonious relationship with my coworkers and other stakeholders that is brought about by transparency, collaboration, diversity, teamwork and concern for people and the environment.

Eco-fashion Advocate and Social Entrepreneur: JACINTO & LIRIO.

Like Summer Raybe Oakes, I want "to elevate profiles of environmental and social issues through style"

Fashion Student and Retailer: EMBELLISH & TERRIE

Right now she is taking up a pattern making/dressmaking course at Slims Fashion School while trying her best to be a super businesswoman as she juggles three brands: Embellish, Jacinto & Lirio and Terrie.