Aksel Bratvedt

Asker, Norway

Aksel Bratvedt was born in Norway on June 25, 1957. He has both a Masters in Science (in Physics, from the Norwegian Institute of Technology) and a Masters in Business Administration (from the University of California in Los Angeles). Aksel is professionally adept in the fields of management and financial consulting due to more than 25 years of providing this service as either director or chairman to several multinational companies in Sweden, Norway and United Kingdom. For ten years he honed his skills in management consulting working for top management in large corporations in Stockholm, Sweden. He also managed to establish a career in investment banking early on in Hambros Bank, London and took part in founding the investment bank, Elcon Partners/Elcon Securities in Norway.

Over the years, Aksel has adapted a versatile business understanding that has been diversified by different sectors and markets he has been venturing on. He is currently based in London where he established Blck International Inc. in 2009. He manages investment banking and corporate advisory services especially to companies involve in cross border businesses.

Because of his globally diverse background in business, Aksel Bratvedt has become one of the most sought-after management consultants in London.

  • Work
    • Executive Chairman in Blck International Inc
  • Education
    • University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)