Aksel Bratvedt

Aksel Bratvedt was born in Norway on June 25, 1957. He received his education at the Norwegian Institute of Technology under the Physics Department, Msc (Siv.Ing) with a thesis on simulation of costs/time factors in the building of the Statfjord platforms for Statoil. Aksel Bratvedt also pursued and MBA in Finance from 1982-1984 at the University of California in Los Angeles.

Aksel Bratvedt began his career as a Manager working on major ship and rig financing projects at the Shipping Department of the Bergen Bank in Oslo from 1984-1985. He served as Executive Trainee at the Hambros Bank, Scandinavian Department in London where he initiated transactions that sells the bank's services to its large base of Norwegian clients from 1985-1986.
In 1987, Aksel Bratvedt became a founding partner in one of Norway's first investment banks, the Elcon Partners and Securities. He focused on corporate finance with transactions in real estate, hotels, ship financing and micro cap companies. Mr. Bratvedt entered the management and consultancy firm Nordic Management in 1990 based in Stolkhom where he carried out CEO strategy projects for Swedish and Finnish multinationals.

From 1990-1991, He joined Nordic Management, Stockholm where he handled high level strategy consultancy in Stockholm and Helsinki. Aksel Bratvedt devised strategy projects for CEOs in large Swedish and Finnish multinationals.
Aksel Bratvedt transferred to Siar-Bossard Consultant, Stockholm from 1991-1994 as a Senior Project leader in the French/Swedish management consulting firm which later became Gemini. He led a number of strategy and organization projects for CEOs in a number of large multinational companies including work in the Baltics and Russia.Aksel Bratvedt spearheaded a strategy/organizational project for the CEO of what became one of Sweden's two bad banks that were set up to restructure the banking sector in connection with the country's major economic crisis. Included visits and interviews with CEOs of major bad banks in the US.In 1996-1997 Aksel Bratvedt founded the Niche Management Consulting in Stockholm. The firm designed for a major Eastern European Investment fund an investment evaluation and follow-up process including related systems.

He became an in-house consultant in Ericsson's mobile systems business from 1998-1999, working on strategies for the use of 3G systems. He was made project manager of a comprehensive project through-out the Ericsson organiz