Dmitry Aksenov

London, United Kingdom.

Dmitry is a self-motivated entrepreneur whose passion and expertise lies in enterprise software and artificial intelligence.

He has founded a number of successful enterprise software businesses, including DigitalGenius and FinGenius, where he is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer. Both companies build powerful artificial intelligence products specifically designed for Fortune 500 corporations and major Tier 1 banks. Dmitry supervises the high growth of these companies across multiple verticals in EMEA and North America.

Dmitry’s enthusiasm for the world of artificial intelligence has been a lifelong one. He built his first autonomous robot at the young age of seven; since then he has won multiple national and international robotics and AI competitions. One of his greatest achievements thus far is the building of an AI engine that is being used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Dmitry is well and truly en route to his goal of bringing AI and cognitive computing to mainstream society.

  • Work
    • Founder and CEO at DigitalGenius
  • Education
    • University of Bath