Aksha Sachdev

While I begin to speak 'about me', I notice that the validity of my words is limited to the pace at which I allow myself to develop and increase my attributes. I strongly believe, 'Our experiences define who we are.' The richness and diversity of my experiences, both professional and personal have been the greatest building blocks of my personality.
My instinctive curiosity has helped me adopt change with a lot of compassion and ease. I have allowed myself to take risks while I search for a career that completes me. I find myself most energized when faced with demanding situations, be it ideation or a critical circumstance or such other requirements, for monotony and customary are something that I perhaps enjoy avoiding. Comprehending my continual urge for newness has helped me clearly define my personal and professional goals.
Having spent over 2 years in the field of Advertising, in roles such as Brand Management, Ideation, Research, Strategy I can comfortably say that I see myself going in the right direction. I plan to deepen and strengthen this experience in the years to come, with the help of formal education and on the job learnings.