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Akshai Aggarwal

Vice Chancellor in Ahmedabad, India

Akshai Aggarwal

Vice Chancellor in Ahmedabad, India

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Akshai Aggarwal (born 17th Spetember, 1943) holds the distinguished position of Vice Chancellor in Gujrat Technological University.

Dr. Aggarwal started his teaching career at Faculty of Technology, M.S. University of Baroda. From 1984-89 he was Professor and Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which included Computer Engineering and Applications. From 1987-1989, he worked as the Dean of Students. He was also Chairman of Computer Society of India, Vadodara Center during 1988-90. He was active in the Book Bank for poor students and in helping the citizens organize cultural activities. He chaired the celebrations of 50 years of Gujarati Cinema under which the first book on Gujarati Cinema was published.

From 1989-99, Dr Aggarwal worked as Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science, Rollwalla Computer Center, Gujarat University. He was also Chairman of IEEE Gujarat Section and its Computer Society Chapter from 1990 to 1998.

For two years 1998-1999, he was Chairman of IEEE India Council, which had 10 Sections and 275 Student Branches in all IITs and at other educational institutions.

At University of Windsor, Dr. Aggarwal was recognized as both a passionate teacher and researcher in his field. He has earned numerous awards. At University of Windsor, he set up the High Performance and Grid Computing Research Group.

He is a person, who feels that a University is a public institution with a responsibility to the community. Moreover he has been contributing to both the professional as well as the local community organizations. At Windsor, when he saw that the economy of the city was bleeding due to high unemployment, he founded Softech Alliance and chaired it till September 2009 so that University researchers and the ICT community could work together with the government to help generate new jobs in the knowledge sector.

He joined GTU on 8th June 2010. During these years he has taken several initiatives like Excellence in learning processes by using IT and by bringing together the resources from the large numbers and using them optimally; Making the technology teaching more practice oriented; GTU Innovation Council; Improving the quality of Master’s dissertations; World class doctoral program; The greatest contribution is that the University community has started feeling that it can become an excellence university.