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Akshar Raaj

Hyderabad, India.

Akshar Raaj

Hyderabad, India.

I live in Hyderabad, the land of Baigan.

I code for fun and profit. Python is my language of choice.

How many people get to do what they love and get paid for it? 2%? 5%? I do. I love writing code and get paid for it. Fortunate me!

I work at Agiliq. It's a fun place to be at, I get to work with really smart people.

I frequently blog about Web technologies. My posts have been read over 100K times. Its immensely satisfying to see other people read what you wrote.

I like reading, I love fantasy. My favourite book(s) is Harry Potter series. A Game of Thrones is amazing, am currently reading A Clash of Kings. I loved Woodehouse's Jeeves books.

I feel highly motivated after midnight, when I should be sleeping.

My heroes are Shabda, Rahul Dravid and Atticus Finch.

Time put in attending classes was wasted time. I wish I had spent it on Web instead.

I still get exam nighmares. Shit scared of dogs.

I have immensely benefitted from Internet and it helps me earn my livelihood. I feel it is an equalizer. It would be great if everybody has access to it.

When not writing or reading, I play table tennis. Friends and Sienfeld were great. Matthew Perry is an amazing actor.

Some quotes which influenced me

* Extraordinary effort by ordinary people beat ordinary effort by extraordinary people 100% of the time.

* Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

* Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

* Life runs on code. (I am not a Microsoft fan)

I learn something new everyday. And run everyday too.

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  • Work
    • Agiliq
  • Education
    • Srm University