Akshay Ahuja

Punjab India

Vision:My future of Research relies upon my Knowledge that define the future technologices,i am going to Create,Design & Implement in the field of Robotics with my academic in the B.E of electronics and communicaion .My present job is to imagine,analyze & implement new innovative ideas from my deep & thorough of emerging technologies.

Role:As a Independent Research Engineer influenced myself to make & implement new innovative & active ideas which are going to contribute for my independent research to provide excellent technology in this competitive field of Research & Development.

Lifestyle:I made a thorough technology policy as a input from academic background knowledge source which plays a active role in analyzing, influencing & guiding myself in my Research.

Task:As a Independent Research Engineer making my own study plan to master several areas of Robotics for both to have a deep thorough knowledge foundation & understanding new design methods in the area of Robotics

Influenced self working methods to work independently on my research project which are made me to handle my plans to be innovative & active in problem solving in my research problems.Its often a huge project for my career growth in the field of research

  • Work
    • President at Roboquad Robotics club
  • Education
    • B.E (Electronics and Communication) at Chitkara University