Akshaya El'Zac

Bangalore, India

ART.MUSIC.DREAM BIG. Meet me outside if you think you can mess with me, or don't! See i have guts, but that shows only when it needs t be shown. On the bright side :) i enjoy the sunshine ...just at my bare feet I want to see the world Oh, i need to get me a pair of good shades, can i borrow yours? Sigh! how i wish i were 13 again! I was innocent :P Alright, age is catching up on me, I need to sleep, right naaow...catch ya round..zzzzzzz *snore* Okay okay! To make things clearer-(er) ... :D Love.Happiness.Dream. Inspire.Trust.Hope.BELIEVE. Thats all i need to be me :) FIGURE OUT THE REST...

  • Work
    • U&I
  • Education
    • Clarence High School
    • Srishti School of Art Design and Technology