Akshay Pujari

Bioinformatics and Scientific Researcher in San Francisco, California

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Biomedical Sciences | Bioinformatics & Computational Biology | Engineering | Research and Development


Currently working at Rubedo Life Sciences primarily in the Bioinformatics / Computational Biology team. Previously, Research Associate II at an early staged drug discovery company – DiCE Molecules in Redwood City.

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with an MS in Mechanical, Biomedical Engineering. I worked as a Research Assistant in the Vascular Biology and Biofluids Laboratory, and did in-vivo, ex-vivo in-vitro and in-silico translational research work. With the diverse and cross-disciplinary nature of the research, my coursework included classes from mechanical and biomedical engineering, biology, animal science and computer science disciplines.

My background is in the research connecting the fields of Engineering, Biology, and Medicine, and my skillsets include but are not limited to: Biomedical Sciences, Computational Biology, Vascular Biology, Wet lab experimentation, Monolith Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Automation + Robotics and Engineering design. I have an extensive background in both life sciences and engineering domains. I am passionate about science and unification of disciplines to solve new problems relevant in understanding and improving human life.

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    • Rubedo Life Sciences
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    • University of Massachusetts Amherst