Akshay Pujari

Graduate Research Assistant in Amherst, Massachusetts

Biomedical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Research and Development | Data Analysis


Current Graduate Research Assistant in Vascular Biology and Biofluids Laboratory, Institute of Applied Life Sciences at The University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Significantly experienced with interdisciplinary collaborations as well as proficient to work individually on a project with minimum guidance. Experienced with both engineering and life sciences projects.

Strong computer skills; fluent with Matlab, ImageJ; modeling in CAD and FEA packages.

Hands on experience with intensive data analysis, microscopy, image processing and medical device development.

Experienced with writing and reviewing manuscripts, grants, presentations and generating journal figures.

Seeking challenging full time position connecting the fields of engineering, biology, medicine and/or healthcare.



I am currently a Graduate Student and Research Assistant at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. My research explores the fields of vascular biology and engineering. I'm enjoying the challenge of studying and working in an interdisciplinary field.

I have explored the fields of both Engineering and Life Sciences by working on different diverse and multidisciplinary projects both individually and by being a part of small to large groups/ team. I have listed my prominent projects below which collectively developed my interests in fields of: Biomedical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Automobile Engineering, Wearable Technology, Product Design and Robotics. I am prominently seeking challenging full time position connecting the fields of engineering, biology & medicine.

I plan to graduate with Master's degree in September 2017 and I'm here to explore exciting job opportunities along with making valuable connections with interesting professionals from all walks of life, from various fields and diverse geographic locations.

Along with academics, I enjoy playing and following sports. I play chess and had represented my school at national level few years ago. I also make a point to travel to new locations whenever possible.

Thank you for reading.

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