Akshay Sawhney

Akshay works hard to not take himself and life too seriously. Ok, it comes naturally and it annoys those around him, but only because they wish they could be as happy as he is.

After a good upbringing in Long Island, NY, Akshay endured a 7-year undergraduate mega-stint at Penn State University. There he emersed himself in culture and technology as President of the Jazz Club, Founder of the local Student Pugwash chapter (concerned with the Ethics of Science & Technology), as a DJ at the Student Radio Station, and as an award winning Photojournalist for the local newspaper. More importantly Akshay created & successfully petitioned for his own major - a mix of Computer Science, Graphic Design & IT.

Soon after college, Akshay joined Google as an Engineer and later as a Lead UX Designer. He's been there for 8 years and loves what he does.

Today Photography is still a big part of Akshay's life. He shoots portraits in his home studio, events on location, and the occasional wedding.