Akshay Sood

Project Manager, Consultant, and Software Engineer in Jalandhar, India

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A born techonology enthusiast. My life is based on the mantra "Today, when there are tough calls to make, you are either in the back, waiting for someone to tell you what's next, or, you are out front, taking charge, taking control, making the next happen". Also, I believe in "युद्ध में प्रचंड हो, शांति में अखंड हो ।". Which means, if you are at peace, then no one should be able to break your peace, but if, you are at war, you should be the extreme fighter.

  • Work
    • The Knowledge Academy
  • Education
    • SD.Senior sec. school
    • Lovely Professional University
    • Yadwindra College Of Engineering
    • K.C. College of Engineering & Information Technology