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Akshhat Aaditya (Mohit)

Junior Manager- Environments in New Delhi


was the name begins from the sun who spreads the light around the world. Due this illumination the peoples awake from the sleep and move towards where starts the life cycle with discipline or violation. Now a days the "Name" does not integral formulation which the peoples exact working from accordance, it oppose lots of peoples are beyond and opposite from his name, but when I say about myself this is just coincidence, because as far as I knew myself I am really reverse from name from begun.

I was a serious person in my life from the fundamental. My parents often deserve to be they have changed from my behave which i have called from. I never wants to involvement to someone in my life bacause I don't deserve that I share my feelings or cap to other one. Allegedly, from the childhood I continuiously wants stay alone and also I was like it, don't know why. As soon as the day of childhood has been increased after that during the school life, I completely changed my activities impartially. Due to some my native talents I indicate hundred in one and thousand in one. My paintings and my handwriting was my hobby and it was also my talent. Entire person was feel pleasurable and happiness also known as god gifted artist in his circle and between relationship. I liked food which has made from my mother whether the bread being roasted or food would have wastage.

At the year of 2013 of august, I reserved from my heart touching baby "Deepika" who made me for herself life. and a time began to celebrate my life with free from loneliness because whatever i deserved from my life after engineering, feeling was so tired and as soon as I came in the profession, this habit have been increased continueously. Deepika spreads a love in my life and made me right from the decision and came a wonderful creature in my life with more fragnances and grace.

So my life is still continue and days is passing so pleasure with my all family.

Love all.

  • Work
    • Somany Ceramics Ltd
  • Education
    • B.Tech (Environments Engineering) MSc (Env)
    • Vinoba Bhave University