Akshata Shetty

All About Us (:

Well we know eachother since a lobg time . We had even participated in the personified editors battle :D . I remember you had once told dmeh that you liked my editing . eeehhhhh >:D< dekh i remember soo much (: .Then we met now more then ah month ago :D
We shared our lives :) We are so same and we make the saying ' similar ones repel and opposites attract' false >:D<
Well you and I are both mature (: actually the secret is i act mature in front ov you ehehehe >:)<
You make meh miss you everyday >:D< cuz i love talking to you (: i dun care about the distance we share but we shurely will have gol gappa everyday >:D<
I wanah see you be the most famous Dj here ;) >:<
only and only my Dj Jay >:D<
And hell yeah yua shoo damn cute and handsome (: jisko nai lagta they are blind including you :P
Akshu ne kaha that yua cute matlab ua cute ! thats it ! ^_^
Well il have you forever (: and you will have meh till eternity ! ^^
iie promise to be there always (: and you know when i cant i dun promise things ^
but yeah il promise this cuz il be here with yuh in every moment (:

P.S - yua my lifest bestie >:D<
iieloveyuhshoomuch jay (:
take care !
il keep updatiing this blog (;
Akshu rawrs yuiee <3 :)