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Aki Ishino

Realtor in Los Angeles, California

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Aki Ishino was born on May 27th in the late 80s, in Shenyang, China to a small family in the suburb but she grew up in Japan. She did not speak a word of Japanese when she first went to Japan, but had to go to school with the other kids because her mother had to work. She didn't let the language barrier stop her from making friends and learning in class.

As she turned 15 years old, she decided to move to the U.S. to learn English, and her parents supported her financially and emotionally. It was not too long before she could speak like a native. She successfully graduated from college in California in 2010.

Now she joined the workforce and is utilizing the skills she has acquired through her life experience in different countries. She hopes to be a messenger who can connect the people and communities with different cultures.