Rendy Rengiansyah


Gender : Male
Job : H-Manga Hunter
Birthdate : April 26th, 1996

I'm the man that loves manga and anime (just called it Otaku) some people don't like me because they feeling weird have friend that maniac manga and anime, so people don't like me because i'm a Otaku

I'm interested in any music genre, but i dont like any korean music, now my gaming life is not like usual, i'm often getting bored playing games now, i'm change it with reading manga, watching anime and...(you'll know what is this). My favorite band and singer is the soundtrack song from the anime and i also like Vocaloid, senya, Atoguru, Yousei Teikoku and the others

I don't like my life now, i'm feeling weird.. because my life is in danger now and will be die soon, but i still kept my promise to her.. i must strong to face this