Alice Kirkland

Magical World of Fairies

Name: Ayano Takeda || Alice Kirkland
Age: 4000 Years Old. ^___^
Country: Philippines || Australia
Nickname: Aya || Li || Bem
Birthday: Dec. 24

My name is Alice Kirkland, also known as NarcissusRain from Wattpad, I'm a 12 (turning 13) year old Filipina, I'm currently on Second Year High School this 2013. You may Call me Bem or Li, whatever floats your boat! :D I'm an Otaku, and I'm proud of it! Also, I'm a BRO. :) I write stories because it's my HOBBY. You see, writing isn't really my passion. Drawing is. I REALLY love drawing! Drawing is my Passion. Also, my favorite anime is Hetalia! But anyway, Sometimes, I draw Comics/Doujins though I don't really post it online. :) I write One Shot Stories and Short Stories. But MAYBE it's only for the mean time, I don't have enough inspiration to write now. :( But don't worry! I'll try my best in writing! I made this Blog so... You could know what I think, and some news for my stories ^^