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AKumar .

AKumar originally known as Amit Kumar, Born in Ballia,and brought up in Jamshedpur. He hails from a Middle class family.His father and Mother both were teacher.He had lots of interest in plays and drama from school daysAkumar. began his career as investor in Doordarshan serials. then some of his friends were involved in filmmaking, he found lots of interest in films.He started learning about film making by assisting friends, directors, cameramen.But he wanted to learn more about the whole process I.e., from making to distribution then he started Distribution and selling rights of film and sold rights of film HUM HAIN TEEN KHURAFAATI When he got knowledge about film making, marketing, Distribution then he planned to make a film and started writing.He shared his planning and concept of film with his friend.So as a result of this it is first time in the history of cinema he is making or Directing. a film on the records ofGuinness Book .