Succ ass

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You expect trigger free content what do you expect from a suicidal weeaboo

You kin w me bc heck there can only be one (or none if i kms) and I am the alpha

You intend on kinning w my OCs bc yikes they're my fictional children and they are them and not you

You're against #crilivesmatter

You have hissy fits over kinkshamimg

You dare be transPoC as a sick excuse to culturally appropriate or make yourself the victim you cracker

If you actually came here for a reason I don't recommend following if you're not a mutual, fellow cri or ososan fan bc what's the point unless you follow random ppl but I won't guarantee anything

Plus if you don't like cussing

I'm not much of a shipper but heck if you're a suicide-baiting anti get lost

This was supposed to be more ironic but I'm scared of rabid Tumblr ppl bye