Austin Kurtz

Fresno, California

I've been developing websites on and off since 1999. Nothing you've heard of. When I got burned out in 2010, I took a few years off to be a wedding photographer in Chicago. Now I'm in Fresno trying my hand at websites again. But I'll still snap a photo or two when the mood strikes.


Holy shit -- are you still reading?

If I had to choose, I'd prefer that a co-worker be super interesting rather than super talented. You can't fix boring.

I have strong opinions that I might keep to myself if you're a stranger and I'm feeling polite. No promises, though.

I don't go anywhere without a pack of Sweet Mint Orbit Gum. (And if I've got three or more pieces, I'll offer you one. Gotta save one for emergencies.)

When I moved to Los Angeles for undergrad, it took me a week to learn how to walk in flip flops without them flying off my feet. I literally walked through my dorm halls practicing. (And I've pretty much worn flip flops every day since.)

I once photographed a full-day wedding with a broken leg during a Chicago winter.

I can bend my left thumb back ridiculously far.

Likes: Efficiency, gadgets, red wine

Dislikes: Typographical errors, sticky hands, secondhand smoke

Background Photo: Chicago Twilight (I took this from the Sears/Willis Tower in 2013)

  • Education
    • Loyola Marymount University