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Valarie Schultz

Anchorage Alaska

I live my life by the simple belief that you should always treat others how you want to be treated, that what goes around really dose come back around, and that eventually we all realize our earthly purposes. I'm kind honest generous and I value integrity above all other character traits. I aspire to be the best at whatever I am doing and in the very near future I will make clear this how this defines me. I've undergone major destruction and total devastation from sickness to death to just rotten hateful outside forces and once longed to sleep eternally. I am now in remission and have the signal and strength to move forward and conquer all priorities once left to simmer while I fought hardships clearly not meant for me because now here I am. And here shall I stay. Until I regain all that belongs to me (and the list is long) I will be writing the next chapter of the most beautiful story. The one where the girl finds her way and threw her struggles is made far wiser stronger and better suited to face the evil forces who once prevailed (threw default not merit) at a temporary setting back of her victory.