Alampallam Venkatachalam

Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam is an UK & Indian board certified Orthopedic surgeon. He is a fellow of the Royal college of surgeons, UK. He specializes in joint replacement, joint preservation and regenerative medicine. He has been in independent private practice in India since 1997 in his own clinic known as the MJRC clinic. He operates at private hospitals in Chennai. Previously, he worked in the UK, Dubai and Oman as senior registrar, specialist and senior specialist in orthopedic surgery. He is a member of the international cartilage research society. Dr. Venkatachalam is able to provide individual care. He bases his clinical and surgical decisions on logic.Thus his patients are able to understand and to make carefully considered decisions. Dr.Venkatachalam has a particular interest in hip, knee and shoulder replacement, arthroscopic surgery and regenerative surgery. He helps patients with complex hip and knee revision and patient specific instrumentation. He was previously an Associate professor of orthopedic surgery. He is registered with the MCI, New Delhi and GMC, UK. He is a life member of the Indian Orthopedic association and Madras Orthopedic society. He continually updates his skills. He relentlessly pursues new techniques. He has ushered a number of new implants and techniques in joint replacement, stem cells and joint preservation. Dr.Venkat has presented his work at local and international conferences.He has engaged in research for a company in the Orthopedic implant field. Specialties: Primary Hip, Knee & shoulder joint replacement | Joint preservation | Revision surgery | ACL reconstruction | Autologous chondrocyte implantation | High tibial osteotomy | AVN treatment stem cells | Arthroscopic Bankart repair | Sub-acromial decompression | Mini open rotator cuff repair | Shoulder resurfacing | Carpal tunnel release | Stem cell | PRP injections |