Ken Jones PhD

As a Viet Nam combat veteran (11th Cavalry 67-68) I am a speaker, advocate, and writer. My focus is recovery from combat induced PTSD. Supporting our troops, veterans, and their families as they work there way through recovery from PTSD is the reason I am actively engaged on Twitter, Facebook and other social media venues. Although I served eight years as a volunteer and staff counselor at the Anchorage Vet Center, I am not a clinician. My comments and observations are based on my own experience living with combat induced PTSD for the past 40+ years. When Our Troops Come Home is a FREE ebook that I wrote between 1980 and 1984 as I was working through the first steps in my own recovery from combat PTSD. This book was used in combat debriefing groups at the Vet Center as a way of offering a trail that other combat vets could follow on their own journey. As I began to see the effects of combat PTSD on our OIF/OEF troops and veterans I decided tat I needed to do something to help our current generation of warriors. The result was that I posted two FREE ebooks as downloads, and began tweeting about combat PTSD. During the time I was at the Vet Center we formed a group of hard core combat vets. Our focus was to work through our own issues, and to see if we could make some sense of our experience of combat in Viet Nam. The group worked together for 15 months. As we shared our experiences we found similar patterns. These patterns, which describe a way of thinking about the traumatization progression of combat, are described in the second FREE ebook, Life After Combat. To date approximately 46,000 copies of these two FREE ebooks have been read by our troops, veterans, and their loved ones. I hope that you will find them useful. Ken Jones, PhD @akvet