Alby Headrick

Alby spent most of his professional life working as a commercial artist / photographer where he developed his skills in design, imaging and CG special effects. He has worked with customers such as Cooking Light, Southern Living, Cosmo, Better Homes and Gardens, Broombergs, among many more. Since 1992 he has been creating images with digital photography. In 2005 he became serious about his personal body of art. He now uses DSLR cameras, computers, photoshop and giclee printers to do his print work using new and old darkroom techniques that had first inspired him in the nineteen sixties. While his work ranges from photo-realism to abstracts, all of his subject matter is organic. All of his images begin as something natural, even just a streak of light, and he treats them with various techniques to add an artistic edge. He is always experimenting with time-motion studies, light captures and new technologies like HDR, layer manipulation and panoramic stitching. Alby has won many awards in the fields of photography and lithography. And he has helped customers win many awards in their fields of art His goal, in any work he does, is to elicit an emotional response in his audience and to create a body of work that will give pleasure to generations to come.