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Al Piddington

San Antonio, Texas, United States

> Online Entrepreneur and Coach...Showing People How to Create Quality Leads and Build Lasting Relationships, by Using Proper Social Media Marketing for Any Type of Product, Service or Business Opportunity....

> After going from retail sales, and living paycheck to paycheck I entered the traditional business world, in Sales. Selling the hard way face to face everyday in the auto industry... Long hard hours .

> I am still in the Insurance after seven years. I realized that helping people did make sense. I've learned That it is possible to Create a Wealthy Lifestyle along with others that would like to have there life changed. But that was not enough.....I then chose to become an Online Entrepreneur....

> I believe in the Harmony of the Laws of the Universe, And How Necessary Daily Personal Development is! The More I Help Others Succeed and Earn Money, The More I Earn for Myself....

*** IMPORTANTLY! "For Attraction Marketing To Work For Us....Honesty, Integrity And Education Are An Essential Part Of Who I Am."

> Keeping up to date with constant changes in today's business world is especially important to me, as a Professional Online/Network Marketer, Social Media Expert and Coach.

Skype: al.piddington2
Twitter: alpiddington

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