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Algenis Rubio

My name is Algenis Rubio, i'm a person with a high amount of character. I have integrity, I'm honest, courageous, and someone everyone can trust to get any job done. What ever i do in my life, I commit to doing it, and commit to doing it in an extraordinary way; Providing quality and excellence. I'm a person with specific values that I adhere to under any circumstance. I'm also a very opimistic person I only look at the solution instead of the actual problem. I am now studying in camden county community college as a Psychology major. Thinking of going into a career as a therapist. Because I want to better people, I want to help solve thier problems and set goals to help give them direction in life. I'm a person that is very family oriented, I love my family and love to spend time with them. I'm also people oriented I love my friends and like getting out there to meet new people. I love exercise and staying in shape, one of my hobbies that really help me with that is Mixed Martial Arts, I'm taking classes at Tiger Shoulmans MMA. Some of my other hobies are basket ball, bowling, dancing and trying new things. I'm a person that works hard on leading a balanced life ( PLAY HARD). I'm also a person that is very goal oriented. with goals in every erea of my life. I make plans for their achievement, break it down into smaller peices and I work toward them everyday. My biggest goal is my education/career goals. This is how I broke it down, get great grades in camden county college, then transfer to Rutgers New Brunswik on campas, get bachlores degree and masters degree from at Rutgers and then get a job as a therapist- helping others. Then after working a few years in the feild and mastering it go to a vocational school to get a Life Coach certificate/license and work as life coach. I feel I will achieve this goal because I know myself, I know my strength, my weeknesses and I know what I need to work on to get the needed results. I'm a great time manager/attention manager. because im able to think critically and creatively. Also because i really like my classes, they're interesting to me. Making me highly internally modivated to do the work and achieve my goals (WORK HARD).