Al Wieand

Wilmington Delaware

Professionally, I am a SAP FI/CO specialist with experience with COPA, banking and Vertex. I've worked for Checkpoint Systems, Inc. for the last 18 years. I started as an Oracle Applications programmer on release 9.5, upgraded Oracle all the way through to 11.5.10 as a project manager, and implemented SAP as the head of the FI/CO team. Through it all, I've always been a problem solver, having a knack for seeing a process and resolving problems or implementing improvements to it. I have 4 wonderful kids who constantly teach me about all the things that I don't know. Watching them go through their lives is the most amazing gift. Along with my beautiful wife, I get to enjoy all the successes and trials that come along with being a parent. For me, there is something special about being on my Trek road bike and riding to meet the morning. I like to take my bike as far as my legs can push me and find special moments when it is just you and the occasional horse on the country side to be exhilirating. I try to find as many chances to ride for various charities as possible, with a preference for supporting cancer and diabetes organizations. I do, however, try not to get carried away with it, realizing that there is only so much generosity that one person can ask for from their friends and family. Often, I can be found in any of the numerous musical venues around the Philadelphia/Wilmington area trying to find my next new favorite artist. It is always amazing to go in to a show and be blown away by an artist that you have never heard of before. I try to share my enthusiasm for music with my family when I can, but I'm afraid my "old man" music just isn't much of a draw for them.

  • Work
    • Checkpoint Systems
  • Education
    • University of Delaware