Al2der Rubra

San Francisco

I am made of stories: a mother, a maker, a hacker, a singer, a traveler, a healer. Also, an absentminded technologist at salesforce.com¹. I am awake. I am other. I am a performance. I am not a fevered famicom dream.

I am a survivor with mild PTSD, severe ADD, two chidren, tons of white educated privilege, and a shrinking apartment. My central nervous system is not wired-up in conventional fashion. In all these decades, I still haven't learned how to fall asleep. I am chronically short on spoons.

People can readily tell I'm a mom and a geek, but the rest tends to take folks by surprise. I am, on the whole, gentle & retiring, save for when I care deeply. I have a habit of keeping people.

If you were looking for a c.v., btw, you've come to the wrong place sweetie.

I probably think you're interesting.


1. I don't speak for them, my views remain my own, I get to automate stuff for them, and they pay me a salary. It's a solid deal.

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    • software engineer