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انواع السحر

Witchcraft is a term that is used to protect a broad spectrum of philosophy. It is often wrongly thought that will everyone who uses the word witchcraft is into African american Magic or Satanism. This may not be true!

انواع السحر

Witchcraft itself has its own ‘denominations’.

Wicca for instance is usually defined by many being the old pagan religion of england coming from an Anglo-Saxon phrase meaning ‘the craft on the wise. ‘ Others the original word meant ‘wicked’. Wicca rejects the Orlando God, preferring to personify the life force as man and female, known variously because the God and Goddess, Master and Lady, the Horned Lord and the Silver Lady and so forth The female is always dominant as being a Mother Earth concept.

There are present two basic types of miraculous used today in witchcraft and occult societies. These are generally Traditional Magic ( Folks Magic, wicca etc ), and Ceremonial Magick ( High Magick ).