Al Zowada

Al is all about the wonderful world of Printing. As the owner of a2z Business Solutions, Al provides print production management services as a consultant, contract player or a direct printing/finishing provider.

Al is proud of his volunteer efforts within the graphic arts community. He is the in-coming President of the Mid-Hudson Graphic Arts Association and former President of the NJ Craftsman Club. Al was also the Chairman of "International Printing Week" which is celebrated throughout the US and Canada. Al has created and produced many marketing events while holding these positions.

Al believes you have to have a passion for printing or you shouldn't be in the graphic arts business. Marketing efforts have embraced the digital and mobile media outlets, but people still connect to the tactile feel of paper in their hands and the direct mail response levels continue to prove that.

Print is not dead! Nor, is it going away anytime, soon. Like the great Benjamin Franklin, when Al leaves this world, let him be remembered as a Printer.