Kurt Hoffman

A climate of extremes in weather & in emotion.

I started using the phrase back in my college days (shortly after the glaciers receded) as a wordplay on my own name – “àla carte”, in my own style. Who I am: difficult to frame through definitions of others. I dislike having boxes around me, except as decoration, particularly if they’re orange, and contain items from a particular purveyor of equestrian related items, leather, silk, perfumes, and other luxury goods, headquartered at 24 rue du Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris, France.

Born in Berlin, raised in Russia, educated at Oxford, partied in Paris, ruined in Rome; some of this is true.

Since 1981, I’ve shared my life with someone who became my best friend before we began sharing more private aspects of our lives. In 2014, we married.

I am a big, noisy, red balloon, and he is the rock to which I am tied, that keeps me from blowing away. But if the winds are from the right direction, and of the right strength, I can drag him on a few adventures!

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