Alaa Zaitounah

Artist, Musician, and Student in Prenzlauer Berg, Deutschland

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Alaa Zaitounah- Oud player-oriental music composer
– choir leader
26 years old
"If we return back to the first being where we couldn't speak any language , I will speak only music"

Alaa is Flexible for many kinds of music, in which the oud as a traditional arabic instrument can be applied.(opera, Rab, classical, oriental, cultural choirs)

He was leading an oriental orchestra in Syria before coming to Germany
He started the project of the hoffnungschor (hope choir )in berlin in february 2016
He plays with many bands in berlin as an oud player
Musiqana band , Mazzaj Rab band , begegnugschor and many projects
His biggest concerts were
- in the berliner philharmonie with musiqana band
- In palace Bellevue with the begegnungschor
- An opera concert with the countertenor ::Dani Alor in the Allianzstiftung
He was inspired by his father who is an oud player too
He was learning basics from him then he started buying musical books and searching in internet to extend his musical knowledge alone(autodidactic )--
He was not able to have a teacher or to get into a school of music because of not having enough money to do it ,or also to have a good instrument.
He studied Geology but didn't abstain from dreaming in music ..
Music for him is the whole world it breaks all the boarders,
Unites the plane.
He says " I don't belong to Syria , Germany or to any place in the world , I live for love , to make music ,
He doesn't believe in Geography, history or religions . Only music can draw a perfect world.

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