Alaa Elrifaie

Ta'if, Saudi Arabia

I am "Alaa Salah Yousuf Omer", a teenager in his early stages of life. I am from "Arrufa'ein ( a small village in Gezira, Sudan )" but I was raised in Ta'if, Saudi Arabia where I lived my whole pre-college life.

Since I was 4 years old, I became a technology-addict, you wanna know how? I really don't know, go ask my parents!

Despite this technological passion, I study medicine right now at Gedaref University, actually it was a mistake, but hey .. I love the pronounciation of this word ( Doctor ).

Generally I like to be involved in everything I could, because as a human, I'm capable of doing what other humans can do, right? So, I don't have a specific hobby or something, I do a lot of stuff, but to mention some.. I like to capture photos all the time ( Photography ), sing songs although my voice is horrible ( Singing ), read about non-medical stuff "this is the reason why I'm not a good doctor!" ( Reading ) and of course the most important thing: "Being a funny person is my key-feature!".

As an unsocial person, I don't have a lot of friends, but actually, I do think that I have the most amazing ones in this world! They're rare, thus they're few.

As the title above says, I'm so ambitious, even some people try to put me down saying that everything I think of is just a dream that isn't going to come true! But through my life I've learnt that [ Haters gonna hate! ] .. I am confident, I know I can achieve every single thing I dream of, it's just a matter of time!

  • Education
    • Medical Student