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Andries Laane

Delftsestraat 29A, Rotterdam

Old buildings and even monuments can also become super energy friendly, healthy and comfortable by renovating them according to the Passive House standard.

I love old buildings because of the history, the rich layers of meaning and the master-crafted details. And appreciation is essential for real durability.

We only improve on the weak points like insulation, ventilation and noise reduction without ruining the existing qualities like high ceilings, lots of daylight and wonderful details. We prefer to improve to a very high standard like the Passive House standard to prevent the necessity of a new renovation in the near future. That is the way you can dramatically reduce your footprint and improve your quality of life.

Expertise: reuse of industrial buildings, restoration, Passive Houses, renovation and fitting in adapted new buildings.

Passion: Rowing (K.D.R.&Z.V), volleyball (Landstede Volley), youth circus school Rotjeknor, poetry and visual arts.