Alaa Osman

Alexandria, Egypt

A creative, hardworking person holding a BSc. in communication and electronics engineering from Alexandria faculty of engineering, Egypt. During university years, Alaa has done many coding projects in different languages and platforms.

Besides engineering, Alaa is mainly interested in graphic design in all its areas, she has done a lot of Arabic calligraphy, 3D designs, designs for marketing campaigns, and she is looking forward to learning UI and web design. As Alaa believes that life is a non-stop learning process, she is open and willing to learn more about anything either in engineering, in graphic design, or even cooking!

Alaa has worked as a volunteer designer in many NPOs and student chapters during university, so she has gained a lot of teamwork experience, and she is looking forward to working on her own as a freelancer in the near future.

Quality, Creativity are mainly the most important words in her work.

  • Work
    • Graphic Designer at SMU "Start Menu Union"
  • Education
    • Student at Alexandria Faculty of Engineering