Alfred Acitelli

Retirement Income Planner in Michigan

Alfred Acitelli

Retirement Income Planner in Michigan

I'm the one with the cool sunglasses - and probably the last time I was ever 'cool'! But I've never forgotten my humble beginnings in Detroit.

We grow up hoping things will turn out well in life yet twists and turns and unexpected events affect us all.

And so we all work hard to save up for future years seeking some amount of security, and in the back of our mind are worries and questions.

Will I run out of money in retirement?

Will a market crash, an economic downturn, or a health problem rob me of my savings?

Am I going to be financially squeezed between caring for adult parents while being the banker and innkeeper to adult children?

There are guaranteed solutions to these worries.

If you're looking for solutions that bear risk or have the word "variable" in it, I'm not the guy to speak with - and that's ok.

But if you want solutions with guarantees and not guesses in retirement, perhaps a conversation would be worthwhile!

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