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Student and Writer in France

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Howdy, I’m Andy. this is just for me to let everyone know a little about my kin types before you follow. I'm fine with doubles as long as it's not a big deal to you! :) if you already know my kin types you don't have to read anymore. Have a lovely day! Please Dm me a picture of one of my kintypes (listed below) before following so I know that you've read this


Alex Peace Keaton - Family Ties

Romeo Montague- Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Patrick Verona- 10 things I hate about you

Gabriel Martin- The patriot

Hank Lacker- Marvin's room

Sodapop Curtis- The outsiders

Jesus Foster- The fosters

Arthur Rimbaud- Total Eclipse

JD- Heathers (movie)

Jack Dawson- Titanic

Mark Jennings- That was then, this is now

The motorcycle boy- Rumble Fish

Alison DiLaurentis -Pretty Little Liars (TV Show)

Scottie Smalls- The Sandlot

Lucy Lynsky- The frighteners

Jed Eckert -Red dawn (1984)

Elaine Nardo- Taxi

George McFly -back to the future

Andrew Clarke -The Breakfast Club