Media Activist, Writer, Social & Political Analyst©

Aladdin Kussmas was born on November 4th,1993 in the British Caribbean Islands, United Kingdom.

During high school he was the first to ever organize a talk show for the entire school with a big professors’ jury in 2009.

After he graduated in 2011, he attended The American University of science and Technology for an audio visual degree. at his 1st year there, he associated with the social activities clubs and participated in many social, political and entertaining talk shows.

At the end of his 1st year, he attended a journalism elective courses semester at the Lebanese German University, to pursue his dream of knowing journalism.

In the summer of 2013, Aladdin was chosen to be the guest service public speaker for the summer tourism month at the “Movenpic hotel Beirut”.

A month ahead, he was chosen to be the main journalist writer at “Mihtab Magazine” in Erbil, so he traveled there to be the magazine writer star in the summer of 2013. After that he won the “Mihtab” award prize in Erbil Kurdistan. Then he inaugurated the “Erbil Business Magazine” before he left Erbil at the end of 2013.

During 2014 winter, Aladdin was invited to be in the institute of Istanbul International film festival in Turkey Istanbul. Where he got his senior film idea inspiration from,

At summer 2015, his senior film project “Peter Semaan, the 7 wishes” was ready to be shown to the world, signed and acted by the Lebanese star Peter Semaan, and won the 1st documentary filming prizes in Abu Dhabi.

Aladdin Graduated in July 2015, with a journalism audio visual degree.