Alain Azevedo

Caracas, Venezuela

Loose cannon regaining a sense of balance and achievement, after tumbling around in colleges and careers finally got wind of something that truly captivated me: Information and communication technologies, more specifically the Internet of everything and looking forward to be part of this gamechanging trend.

Finished CCNA and CCNP classes, which reignited my fire and will to learn, to take classes, make new acquaintainces and to be humble enough to recognize everyone's got something to teach you in one or another way, do not alienate anyone, you don't know how that person will affect your life or yourself at all...

In my spare time I exercise, I play whether on my PC or my console, I watch sports, specially Soccer, Basketball and Baseball and I often read technology journals and such.

I'm fluent in english, spanish and italian, I'm also able to talk, listen, write and read in japanese though I'm still a beginner at that.

My motto is:
Not everyone who works hard is rewarded, but, all those who succeeded have worked hard.

My personal rules are:
Do not work for the potential earnings you'll be achieving, work for a cause you love working for; in the end the money won't give you as much sense of accomplishment as having dedicated truly to what you really love.
Always be true to yourself and to who you are, if you're in crossroads where your thinking and your feelings are going separate ways follow your feelings; in the long run most of the time your heart knows the way, even when the path seems foggy to your brain.

The guideline for this stage in my life is:
Boku ga, boku rashiku, boku de aru tame ni.

  • Work
    • Field engineer at Desca
  • Education
    • Associate's degree in Information technology
    • CCNP at Cisco Networking Academy
    • CCNA at Cisco Networking Academy
    • High school at Escuela Agustín Codazzi