Alain Bertrand

Consultant in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

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As a consultant with over 10 years experience, Alain Bertrand has worked on numerous community evaluation projects, in addition to a variety of organizational consultations and initiatives both in Canada and Africa. He has worked in the private sector, in government, and more recently in the nonprofit sector. In his present position as Director of Community Affairs with Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta, Alain is responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of organizational capacity-building initiatives.

Alain's clients have included government departments, social service agencies, community organizations, cultural organizations, grassroots groups, First Nations groups and foundations. Alain's approach to program evaluation is a participatory, developmental approach which focuses on generating practical, useful information which than translates into action.

Alain's interests are firmly based in the field of program evaluation with specific interests in community-based research methods, organizational capacity building, asset-based community development, and strategic planning and citizen participation. He is also passionate about community engagement and knowledge mobilization.

Fluently bilingual in English and French, Alain is an experienced trainer and community facilitator. He has served on non-profit boards both in Canada and Africa, facilitated non-profit meetings and retreats, and volunteered for many types of nonprofits.